Corruption Prevention, Deterrence, and Detection - For-Profit Organization SKU: 169097

Corruption Prevention, Deterrence, and Detection - For-Profit Organization​

Format: Digital (PDF): 2018;

Pages: 22;

Author: The Technical Staff of The AACI;

Publisher: The Exam Unit of The American Anti-Corruption Institute LLC;

Printed in the United States of America;

Digital Edition ISBN ​ 978-1-7324547-1-2

Intensive discussion and analysis of the three major issues directly related to fighting corruption: prevention, deterrence, and detection. The authors address these three dimensions of the fight against corruption in for-profit organizations. This publication of The AACI targets board members and executive management and other decision makers of the firm.








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Table of Contents
Corruption Prevention
   Where to Start?
   Fraud and Corruption Risks in a For-Profit Organization
      Suppliers and Creditors
      Competition and Competitive Environment
      Earning Expectations of the Market
      Subsidiaries and Affiliates
      External Audit
      Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations
      Society Social Norms, Values, and Culture
      Prevailing Corruption or Perceived Corruption in the Community / Country
Corruption Deterrence
     Set the Proper Tone at the Top
     Increase the Likelihood of Detecting Corrupt Acts
     Heighten Perpetrator's Costs
     Ensure the Employees are Adequately Aware of What Corruption Is and What Damages Corruption Causes
     Engage All Employees in Fighting Corruption
     Communicate with Stakeholders Its Corruption Averse Business Attitude and Environment
Corruption Detection
     Effective Internal Control System
     Effective Corruption Prevention Policy
     Proper Anti-Corruption Competencies of Board Members, Executive Management and Employees
     Effective Support Functions
     Top Three Detection Methods